The Next Generation in Trucking Association is a non-profit trade association who is engaging and training the next generation of trucking industry professionals by partnering with high schools, community/technical colleges and private schools to launch training programs around the United States.

Meet Javier


Javier was a high school student at Patterson High School and got caught up in the wrong crowd. He had parents who loved him and a little brother that looked up to him—yet he was making poor choices.

He was not succeeding in the traditional school programs offered to him. That is when a CDL Driver program was offered to him to take his senior year in high school. He took it, thrived in the class and turned his life around.

Of his 9 friends in high school four ended up in prison and two are deceased due to gang violence. Javier has not only beaten the odds, but exemplifies the importance of high school vocational training programs! He is successfully living out a career as a Professional CDL Driver and his brother, Alejandro, has followed in his footsteps and now has his CDL too.

Even further, because of the pandemic, his parents were out of work for some time and Javier was able to support his family because being a truck driver is an essential job. 71.4% of all the freight tonnage is moved on the nation’s highways.

Javier has not only beaten the odds he is thriving thanks to the opportunities he received from taking the high school CDLprogram. After three years as a company driver, Javier is now ready to set out on his own. He is currently in the process of purchasing a truck and starting his own trucking company with the hopes of someday expanding and being able to employ future graduates of the Patterson High School trucking program



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Meet Leilani


As Patterson High School's first female truck driving student Leilani knows first hand the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with being a minority in a male dominated industry.

Leilani is a young lady who is not afraid of challenges and embraces new opportunities. After attending the Women in Trucking national conference while enrolled at PHS, Leilani's passion for not only the industry as whole grew, but specifically in seeing the need to be a role model for younger females.

Leilani is passionate in her mission to promote trucking to female students and has volunteered her time to speak at middle school career fairs, give tours of the PHS program to elementary students, and participate in the district's Back-to School Block Party where she is able to interact and make personal connections.

Leilani has just completed her diesel tech certificate from a local junior college and is now preparing to begin behind-the-wheel training. After obtaining her CDL her goal is to drive OTR and to continue to encourage the next generation of young females to enter into this industry.


We need drivers to keep our country moving! The growing driver and logistics shortage is reaching crisis levels. An aging fleet of drivers is one of the main reasons for the driver shortage. The average age of a commercial truck driver in the U.S. is 46 years old.

The average age of a new entrant in trucking is 35. The Next Generation in Trucking Association is a nonprofit education accelerator promoting CDL Driver and Diesel Technician programs in High Schools and Community / Technical Colleges around the United States.

Meet Eduardo


Eduardo is one of 33% of the 4.0 GPA students enrolled in the PHS trucking program this year. Up until last year he never considered trucking as a part of his future until he took the JOBehaviors assessment while he was in the 11th grade.

This assessment identifies key attributes that top performing professional CDL drivers possess. After scoring in the top 5% Eduardo received a personal invitation from the Patterson High School CDL instructor inviting him to take the class.

Since enrolling in the CDL class Eduardo has become fascinated with the technological advancements in the transportation industry. His current plan is to obtain his CDL to help pay for his college education and after obtaining a computer software engineering degree he wants to return to trucking to be a part of this evolving and dynamic industry.

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