Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program

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Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program

         NGT members have access to the package developed by Trucksafe Consulting, LLC for carriers seeking to participate in the FMCSA’s Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program, allowing qualified 18-21 year olds to operate in interstate commerce. It includes documents, forms, policies, and releases to help those carriers comply with the Pilot Program’s requirements and to minimize their exposure to regulatory enforcement and highway accidents.


  • Apprenticeship Policy (outlining minimum standards and expectations)
  • Apprentice Acknowledgement & Release (necessary to transmit required reports to FMCSA)
  • Experienced Driver Qualification Form (detailing and documenting minimum standards for those that must accompany apprentices)
  • Monthly Reporting Spreadsheet (to help carriers gather required data to report to FMCSA)
  • Incident Report (for documenting and reporting certain violations and accidents to FMCSA)
  • Apprentice Assessment Form (for documenting apprentice performance)
  • In-Cab Notice (to notify law enforcement that a qualified apprentice is operating the CMV)

If you are a member and would like these documents, contact lindsey@nextgentrucking.org


Contacting U.S. Senators
Contacting U.S. Senators
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Directory of Representatives