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NGT is championing trucking careers to tomorrow’s workforce. When you join, not only are you helping the trucking industry create their future workforce, but you are also introducing a young person to a high wage, high skill, high demand career path that can impact their life forever.
What I love most about the Next Generation in Trucking Association's mission is that we get to be a part of something that is going to literally transform the trucking industry as well as student's lives in a positive and meaningful way. Join today and help us ensure that schools have the proper resources and tools to successfully implement a high school CDL program.

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Patterson High School Truck Driving Program graduates, RIcardo Jimenez and Cesar Martin, are pioneers in a growing movement. They are young adults who were given the opportunity to explore the trucking industry while still enrolled in high school. This experience gave them an appreciation and passion for trucking, and the training they received at PHS allowed them to obtain their CDL.

Ricardo and Cesar are both enrolled in college studying management operations and business administration respectively. They are also part of a growing trend of young adults who are making the conscious choice to not be a part of the current $1.75 trillion student loan dilemma, and instead are using knowledge and skills to pay their way through college. Having a CDL provided them with an advantage over their peers as they were able to secure well-paid, seasonal driving positions with Arctic Glacier Ice Company.

I applaud them for embodying what it means to have dedication and a strong work ethic, and am proud to have been part of their education journey. As future leaders in the trucking industry, I can’t think of two better people to pass the torch to.

Dave Dein
CDL Instructor Patterson High School
Co-Founder Next Gen Trucking

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