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Let Next Gen come and help you set up a CDL Driver Program, Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technician Program, or Supply Chain Program.

We will consult with you and provide you the curriculum and partnerships in order to get your program moving forward.

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CDL Program at Patterson High School
Highlights of a High School CDL Program:
  • Curriculum aligned to the digital generation that incorporates the latest technology in driver simulation and online learning formats.
  • Hands-on and engaging learning formats that utilizes golf carts and semi-trucks.
  • Builds authentic relationships with industry partners.
  • Promotes students to have long, healthy careers with the incorporation of Worklete (injury prevention) and The Trucking Fitness Company (health and nutrition).
  • Wholistic overview of the industry where students stay up to date on regulatory, legislative, and technological changes.
  • Utilizes JOBehaviors, a predictive assessment, to identify and recruit ideal candidates.
  • Meets training standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Actively prepares students for end-of-year career fair with resume and interviewing training.


Best Practices

Let’s face it! You are busy. An Advisory Board can seem like just another administrative burden for you to keep up with. Learn how to create lasting partnerships and how these strategies will actually mean less work for you in the long run.

Watch these videos on advisory board best practices, ideas, formation, and how to get more employers involved.

Stephen Crepps, Diesel Technology Instructor at Fairdale High School

Community Colleges / Technical Colleges / Private Driving Schools

Community College
When we start high school programs we need a local Private or Public Driving School to come beside the program and partner with the high school to become the feeding school for students. Do you have a relationship with a local high school that might be interested in starting a Next Gen in Trucking Program?

We are trying to start high school trucking programs across the country. We also have Technical Colleges that are working on starting Next Gen programs for dual enrollment credit at their local High School. They are helping to facilitate the teaching of the program in high school and upon high school graduation the students will attend the technical college to obtain their CDL.

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